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And the Rat Laughed ( Nava Semel )

ז’אנר: Drama, Fantasy, Poetic Drama

And the Rat Laughed is an original opera in Hebrew based on Nava Semel’s accliamed novel from 2001. The music was composed by Israeli comopser Ella Milch-Sheriff. This novel dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust and the influence of this harrowing chapter of human history was highly praised for… קראו עוד

The American Princess ( Nissim Aloni )

ז’אנר: Drama, Poetic Drama

The play takes place in an unnamed South American country. King Bonifacius Victor Felix of the House of Hohenschwaden, and his son, Crown Prince Ferdinand, flee their kingdom, Great Bogomania. There, in the old country, the father was the benevolent monarch. Today he calls himself Felix Van Shvank and barely… קראו עוד

The Gypsies of Jaffa ( Nissim Aloni )

ז’אנר: Drama, Poetic Drama

In the 1971 documentary film on the making of the Gypsies of Jaffa, Nissim Aloni describes being interviewed by a French Canadian TV channel, in French. He goes on to tell how he answered all questions in fluent French, up until the question: Monsieur Aloni, what is the story of… קראו עוד