Idan Silberstein

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Idan Silberstein Playwright, musician and stage director

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Composed music for many plays and performances, in Haifa theatre, Cameri theatre, Hasimta theatre and more. Won a citation, and a prize for two of his musical creations, in two different festivals.

Wrote lyrics, composed and produced many songs, also was the house composer in a radio show.

Directs and composes the music for his plays.

Wrote The exile of the soul, Hasimta theatre, 1998, Penetration, Mirror theatre, 2000, Non-stop cafe, The arab-hebrew theatre ,2002, Univoice, and The Idol of Adam, (directed by Irit Frank), Hasimta theatre, 2004, Four in November, a short play, Tzavta theatre, (directed by Avishai Milstein), 2005, Tied up, 2008, Who is there, 2011, Sandpaper dream, 2013, Waif, 2014, Tmuna theatre.

Wrote two plays for teenagers, Charged to life, (a story of nine teenagers during the holocaust), that was first performed in the German national theatre, Weimar, 1999,

and A boy dead or alive. Both plays were presented in many frameworks, and won prizes.

Along the years Idan teaches acting and trains actors and teenagers.


If you get closer Drama | 2015 he   
waif Absurd, Drama, Experimental Theatre, New Writing, Poetic Drama | 2014 he   
Sandpaper dream Drama, Fantasy, New Writing, Poetic Drama | 2013 he | en   
Who’s there Absurd, Drama, New Writing, Poetic Drama | 2012 he   
Tied up Drama, Monodrama, Poetic Drama | 2008 he | fr   

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

 * The exile of the soul, 1998

* Charged to life, 1999
* A boy dead or alive, 2000
* Penetration, 2000
* Non-stop cafe, 2002
* Univoice, 2004
* The Idol of Adam, 2004
* Four in November, 2005
* Tied up, 2008
* Who is there, 2011
* Sandpaper dream, 2013
* Waif, 2014

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