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Best Friends (Anat Gov)

Genre: Comedy

Thirty years of close friendship between Sophie, Tirzah and Lelly come to a painful end. A year later they are forced to meet again for one evening during which their entire relationship is viewed with wit, humor and sadness, love and hate, envy and mutual respect. This is a story of three women who grew… Read more

And the Rat Laughed (Nava Semel)

Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Poetic Drama

And the Rat Laughed is an original opera in Hebrew based on Nava Semel’s accliamed novel from 2001. The music was composed by Israeli comopser Ella Milch-Sheriff. This novel dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust and the influence of this harrowing chapter of human history was highly praised for its courage in employing original… Read more

Oh God (Anat Gov)

Genre: Comic Drama , Fantasy

In this witty, poignant and touching play, a psychotherapist named Ella, single mother of an autistic child, gets a visit from a new, desperate patient, God.

Happy Ending (Anat Gov)

Genre: Comedy , Fantasy , Musical

“To be or not to be. That is not the question. The question is how to be”. A new patient, Talia Roth, a theatre star in her late forties, arrives at an oncology clinic to begin a series of treatments in order to prolong her life. The encounter with the other women patients at the… Read more

Masked (Ilan Hatzor)

Genre: Drama

An explosive Israeli play about three Palestinian brothers. Set during the Intifada with the Israeli-Arab struggle as its backdrop, Masked depicts the tragedy of one family torn between duty, kinship, principles and survival. “Powerful! Remarkably of the moment…” -The New York Times “Provocative drama. An articulate calculus of loyalty and betrayal.” -The New Yorker “A… Read more

House Husband (Anat Gov)

Genre: Comedy

A senior pilot retires and discovers that life on the ground as a pensioner is considerably more complex than flying. His new and constant presence at home disrupts the daily household routines and leads to a series of confrontations with his wife and daughters. Much to his surprise, he finds himself lacking the tools to… Read more