House Husband

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A senior pilot retires and discovers that life on the ground as a pensioner is considerably more complex than flying.

His new and constant presence at home disrupts the daily household routines and leads to a series of confrontations with his wife and daughters. Much to his surprise, he finds himself lacking the tools to contend with everyday problems.

His attempts to gain some control of his home fail, and when he begins to feel that he is loosing the ground from under his feet, he chooses an unconventional approach that surprises everyone and changes the balance of power within the family

Househusband has won the Israeli Academy Theatre for best comedy of the year. Today, the play is newly performed at Beit-Lessin Theatre.

The characters

Female:4 Male:2 Total:6


English, Russian



2004 Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv director: Edna Mazya

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