A Century

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Comic Drama
Ethnic Groups in Israel
Old Age
Settlement in Israel

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 On the 100’th birthday of Abraham Goldman,  one of  the first settlers in  “Givat Yehushua”, his family gathered to celebrate. The next morning Goldman is found in critical condition after being poisoned. The struggle    to reveal the truth about his life and death becomes a struggle for the fate of the land. 

The play directed by Avishai Milstein withe cast including Shlomo Bar Shavit, Eli Danker, Miriam Gabrieli, Thia Danon, Maria Aovnov , Amitay Yaish, and Shira Katzenellenbogen, premierd in 2007 at the Cameri Theater, after winning in  the “One out of six” project for young playwrights of the  America – Israel Cultural Foundation and the Cameri Theater.

The characters

Female:4 Male:3 Total:7



2007 Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv

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