Oh God

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Comic Drama
Religion and Faith

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In this witty, poignant and touching play, a psychotherapist named Ella, single mother of an autistic child, gets a visit from a new, desperate patient, God.

The characters

Female:1 Male:2 Total:3


Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Translated to German by: Gundula Schiffer

Translated to Polish by: Agnieszka Olek

Translated to French by: Katty Rojtman

Translated to English by: Anthony Berris and Margalit Rodgers




2008 Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv director: עדנה מזי"א

2009    Buenos Aires, Argentina. Director: Alicia Vera

2011     Rome, Italy. Attori e Tecnici Company, Theatre Vittoria. Youtube

2012     Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Uruguay. Director: Leah Jelín,

Produced by Eloisa Cantón, Miguel Rottemberg and Bruno Pedemonti

2012     Publication: Pegasus Verlag, Germany

2014                Lodz, Poland. Stefana Jaracza Theatre, Director: Jacek

Orlowski, Opening: March 29th

2014    Germany, Sommerhaus, Theater Sommerhaus. Opening: 14 May 2014

2014    Germany, Ansbach, Theater Kopfüber. Opening: 1 June 2014

(Other German productions are expected)

2015    Russia, St. Petersburg. Romantic Theater, Director: Yuriy  Tomoshevsky

2015               Sao Paulo, Brazil

2015               Panama, Director: Edwin Cedeño

Featured in the iSRA-DRaMA: International Exposure of Israeli Theatre 2019


Quotes from press reviews – Oh God in Argentina

 "DO NOT MISS IT" Luis Mazas, Revista 23 - 

"Fantastic, destined to become a great succes" - Alicia Petti, Radio America

"Biral and Leyrado sparks fly in a comedy that entertains and excites" - Jorge Lafauci - Radio 10

 La Nación newspaper, Susana Freire´s opinion: very good "Thinking about the possibility of God fall into depressive crisis and need therapy is an unusual idea. But this happens in this work of the Israeli Anat Gov, died last year, which happens to be quite bold in its proposal for the choice of characters. Especially since the confrontation is between the highest divinity, and a psychologist atheist, resulting in a witty text that ends up being fun, while poignant, and respectful of the divine image .

This is the challenge facing the psychologist, a divorcee who bears the problem of an autistic child and which only ever expected to call mom.

They are religious and metaphysical disquisitions that establish a duel between Thelma Biral, touching the skin of the psychologist, at times tormented, in other lucid, you should try the more complex patient of his profession, and John Leyrado, which comprises a character ranging from warm to anger with complete conviction. Masturini Esteban complete the cast in a good performance as the autistic child.

Laura Caragliano, Continental; her opinion: "A masterpiece": 

"Who knows if there is a God? Who knows what is God´s face?

What about if we play for two hours to believe that there is one and we see his face? How does he look like? What voice does it have? The theater director, Lia Jelín played and chose: It is John Leyrado, and she was absolutely right. The actor gets into the skin of one of the most disputed in the history of mankind. And it is not too big for him. People laugh out loud when you hear the word of God. And I am not referring to any holy book, but a God humanised, with doubt, fear, anger, and even cries near us.

Thelma Biral is not behind. It is the voice of a whole godless society, an atheist by conviction and disagreement in the world we live. She plays Anna, a psychologist who meets kid's dream, criticize God in a head to head and question about the reason of so many things. But besides being a professional is a mother and has an autistic son Estevan Masturini, he plays his role with perfection.

Time flies in that short time we're sitting in the chair watching the hilarious dialogue we've ever imagined, but the work has just begun when the lights go out and we have to go home. Because the questions and answers that this play leaves us with, we have to go looking for outside the theatre. (Laura Caragliano, Continental)

 Granados, Clarín newspaper 

Sometimes, in just 75 minutes you can say many things...

From that pivotal moment, Gov (died a short time) is very serious internal aspects of a disappointed God by aggressive human beings He created, to the extent that you choose to delete the entire world with a new flood.

This unusual narrative material causes, in its early stages, smiles through mocking humor, but then acquires an almost philosophical (not intellectualize the focus) which allows to display disturbing nuances. Is that after the relaxation which generates its share of humor, the story leads to a tension that surrounds the protagonists alike. Angry, Ana arrives to yell at God who is not afraid. Despite the bold look of the text, a note appears never disrespectful not question any religious belief. In this sense, the freedom that follows the story includes the condition proclaimed atheist psychologist.

Talented director, Leah Jelín prints a fast pace to God, build fun and dramatic atmospheres with equal efficacy, and also exercises acting accurate marking.

Enhanced by Jelín indications, and providing his usual performance quality, Thelma Biral (s Ana) and John Leyrado (God) will sparks fly, without a high truce granted. Wealth gesture of both the unwrapped body handling and accurate voice tones constitute highly valuable contributions. Masturini Esteban plays a commendable work in the difficult interpretation of Paul, the young autistic, acting out their hectic wordless inner world.

The emotional outcome between mother and disabled son with a colorful rain bathes the garden of the house-office, on January 1 hot, seals a different story.

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