The Palestinian Girl (Shooting Magda)

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Politics and Government

Text in::he

Love between a Palestinian girl and an Israeli man is born and then ruined in a violent reality.

The characters

Female:4 Male:7 Total:11




Productions Abroad

Austria , Germany , Switzerland , United States

 11.8 Schauspiel Bonn Bonn, Germany

1986 Municpal Theatre Helsingfors, Sweden
1987 Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Germany
87/88 Staatstheater Saarbrucken, Germany
1987 Wilma Theater Philadelphia, USA
87/88 WLT Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
87/88 LTT Tubingen, Germany
7/88 Hessisces Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Germay
88/89 Landestheater Linz, Austria
88/89 Nationaltheater Mannheim, Germany
88/89 Stadttheater Pforzheim, Germany
88/89 Freilichtbuhne Minden, Germany
89/90 Kleines Theater Salzurg, Austria
89/ Buhnen d. Stad Luebeck, Germany
90/91 Ma-Tuch-Theater Trier, Germany
04.91 Kunstlerhaus Vienna, Austria
05.91 Ernst-Busch Berlin, Germany
11.92 Stadttheater Luzern, Switzerland
02.93/94 Tournee Theater Germany
03.94 Landesbuhne Hannover, Germany
21.11.2002 Washington UTh St Louis, Missouri, USA

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