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Smiley (Eyal Weiser)

Genre: A-genre , Absurd , Black Comedy , Drama , Satire , Tragedy

Set in a new age empowerment workshop, Smiley , is a series of sexually-charged monologues that also transforms into an interactive experience with the audience. Each character reveals the lives of young adults – exposing their lives on the internet, in bars or inside themselves – struggling with situations, emotions and identities from which you,… Read more

Shade (Shay Azoulay)

Genre: Absurd , Comic Drama , Short Play

A mundane argument between two neighbors regarding a tree and the shade that it casts becomes an absurd struggle involving neighborly relations and responsibility, justice and punishment, inspiration and humiliation.

manimamama (Joshua Sobol)

Genre: Absurd

A little man that sleeps on his mother’s grave, confronts a giant bully, who aims to dispossess him off it under the management of a procuress.

Mountain (Yaron Edelstein)

Genre: Absurd , Fantasy , Poetic Drama , Tragedy

Five soldiers are trapped in an endless war. They keep coming back to the starting point where they are asked to go into battle to protect their land, and each time the level of sacrifice demanded of them rises. From this nightmarish trap a hero emerges – Mountain – whose character encompasses the promise of… Read more