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Black Comedy
Psychological Drama
Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Land of Israel

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Pawns is a political satire about characters who imagine themselves in positions of power. Noam, an unemployed academic scholar, gets a job working for a mysterious couple, who demand to treat them as if they were the Prime Minster and the First Lady of Israel. At first, Noam refuses to participate in this ridiculous madness. However, this game of power seduces him too, finding himself playing a leading role in conflicts of imagined international proportions. As the game of politics continues, the house is swept with political crises that threaten to jeopardize the well-being of the participants. When these make-believe conflicts intensify to existential proportions, Noam finds himself immersed in a fantasy he helped to create, the same fantasy which gradually takes control over the lives of the characters.

The characters

Female:2 Male:2 Total:4

Kobi, mid-forties.

Vicky, early-forties.

Noam, late-thirties.

Maya, mid-thirties.





2018 Kvutsat Avoda {work group) Ensemble director: Yigael Sachs
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"A relentless farce, where every laughter instigates another one… Our lives here never seemed more truthful on stage in one of the best fringe plays that we've seen lately," Dana Shukhmacher, Ma'ariv.   "Noam Gil's play is such a clever satire… even if he neglected to explicitly mention the specific names, we not only recognize the characters and their real life counterparts but moved between laughter and pain… in this day and age, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, truth and deceit, only intensifies the foundations on which the play stands. " Yoki Levi, The Marker, Haaretz.   "An original, hilarious drama… a personal and political thriller which shines a wicked light on the political mad house that takes place in Israel," Shay Bar Yaakov, Yediot Ahronot.