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Poetic Drama

Text in::he

A 39-year-old daughter of Holocaust survivors enters her dead parents’ old apartment after a twenty-year absence. Engulfed by childhood memories, scenes come to life of herself as a fifteen-year old, her parents and her aunt, who was in love with her brother-in-law. Observing them from a distance and becoming aware of their tragic life, she comes to terms with them and with herself.

The play moves along two levels of time: the past and the present which depicts a relationship forming between Miri and the real-estate agent who turns out to be part of her childhood and youth.

The play tells the story of a generation whose parents came toIsraelas immigrants.

The characters

Female:4 Male:2 Total:6

Mirele, 15-18
Martha, 44, Mirele’s mother
Avraham, 44, Mirele’s father
Carola, 41, Martha’s sister
Miri, 38
Shimon, 36, a real-estate agent


The Israeli Academy Awards - Best Play of the Year 2004



2004 Beit Lessin Theatre director: Oded Kotler

Productions Abroad

Germany , Switzerland
Performed in Bern, Switzerland, 2006, and in Kiel, Germany, 2007