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This is The Land (Eyal Weiser)

Genre: A-genre , Monodrama , Satire

“This is the Land” is a scripted, fictitious, directed festival, which wishes to pose a response to the Zionist Creation award Initiated by the Minister of Culture in October 2011, its aim is to provide limitless artistic space to rethink and re-examine the concept of Zionism for those artists who were turned down by the… Read more

An Old Woman (Nava Semel)

Genre: Monodrama

A monodrama for an actress. Hana Sheinmann had to move to an elderly home, under her family pressure. The elderly home is next to a school, so Hana burst into one of the classes and confides to the children, revealing the upside downs in her life story. She also plays the accordion, discusses love at… Read more