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Lady Amar (Noam Gil)

Genre: Absurd , Comic Drama , Drama , Psychological Drama , Tragedy

An older woman is taken in the night  against her will into a shabby apartment. She identifies herself as Pauline Weiss, and demands her “captors” to return her back home, to her loving rich and powerful husband. They tell her that she is in fact their mother, Jacqueline Amar, a poor Moroccan widow who worked as a cleaning women most… Read more

Suspicious Incident (Noam Gil)

Genre: Absurd , Black Comedy , Comedy , Satire

 A black comedy about six minor characters in leading roles  Yohanan Bloom is stabbed by his wife and lies dead beneath his dumbfounded children. Adina, his wife, cannot explain to their children this unexpected murderous act, yet implores them to save her from going to jail. They decide to throw their father’s body near a remote settlement… Read more