Eynat Baranovsky

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* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

Aim’ee & Jaguar – based on a book by Erica Fischer.
The Road to Janna.
Why didn’t you come before the War – based on the book by Lizzie Doron.
Hair Saloon – based on Steal Magnolias by Robert Harling.
Voolkan Junction – based on the movie by Eran Riklis.
Baby Baby – based on Tom, Dick and Harry by Ray and Michel Cooney.
Enemies, a love story – based on the book by I. Bashvis-Singer.
The miracle worker – based on William Gibson.
The grand Notebook – based on the book by Agota Kristof.
I am not a Thief – based on the book by Tami Shem Tov.
Help wanted – based on La bon Anna by Marc Camolati.
Valley of the Tears.