Efrat Steinlauf theater director and playwright

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Studied: BA – communication and business administration at the Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel
MBA- marketing, Manchester University, Israel Branch
BED – Directing and Teaching theatre at Seminar Hakibutzim

Wrote and directed:
• “B’teavon”, at Hasimta Theater, Jaffa (2008)
• “The executer and the condemned to death”, a short play that participated in the “Short Plays- festival” 2011 at Tzavta theatre and then was translated to Spanish and produced in Mexico
• “Have you seen my dog?”, a children play (2013)
• “Start-up”, at Nachmani hall, Tel Aviv (july 2014)

• “Rat hunting” by Peter Turrini, at Tmuna Theater (2006)
• “Write manly” by Hanna Livne, at the Woman Festival, Holon (2009)
• “Blue remembered hills” by Dennis Potter, at Rozin theater (amateurs), (2009)
• “A midsummer night’s dream” by William Shakespeare, at Rozin theater, Ramat Aviv (amateurs), (2011)
• “Brimstone and treacle” by Dennis Potter, at Hasimta theater, Jaffa (2012)
Nominee for best directing in the Fringe Award – ‘kipod Ha’zahav’
• “The last night in the cowshed” by Noa Corem, at Tzavta theater, Tel Aviv (2013)
• “Home is what separates”, by Noa Corem Akko festival (2014)