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Tel-Aviv, 1991. Kirsten, a young German reporter, arrives at Charlotte’s door. Through probing questions, Kirsten seeks to unveil the suppressed ghosts from Charlotte’s past, centered around her once-promising career as a Jewish Prima Ballerina, abruptly cut short in her prime.

As the evening progresses, Charlotte unveils a love affair she had with her lesbian Nazi SS commander, Ilse Kohlmann, at Neugraben concentration camp. Charlotte shares with Kirsten the complexities of their relationship and the profound impact it had on her.

Germany, 1945. As the war nears its end and her prisoners are transferred to Bergen Belsen, Ilse Kohlmann, donning a prisoner uniform, willingly infiltrates into the hellish death camp to share the same fate as her lover.

Throughout the play, poignant flashbacks interrupt the main storyline. In these moments, the roles of the German reporter and Charlotte interchange, with Kirsten portraying the young prisoner, and the Holocaust survivor embodying the persona of the Nazi woman. This narrative device compels the audience to confront the intricacies of love and survival during one of history’s darkest periods.

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Italian, English, German, Czech, Russian

המחזה תורגם לחמש שפות: אנגלית, רוסית, גרמנית, איטלקית וצ’כית.



TAU , Tzavta director: Rakefet Binyamin

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Nominated Fringe play of the year 2016.

October 2015, Directed at Beit Tzvi Acting School by Debbie Yablonka.

December 2015, Performed at the MoldFest international theater festival in Moldova.

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2017, לונדון

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Tristan Bates Theatre

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