Sonia Mushkat

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Two wealthy Jewish sisters and the son of one of them hide in the cellar of their estate in Debrecen, Hungary, during World War II.
A Christian village girl is sent by a Christian friend of the family to stay with them in the cellar and see to their needs. Fear, hunger, cold and hardship expose the rich, privileged and pampered Jews to unfamiliar situations. Lies that have been repressed for decades are now exposed in the extreme conditions of living in the cellar, and new truths are discovered and have to be addressed. In the midst of all this, a secret associated with the family’s history regarding the connection between the Christian girl and the wealthy Jews, is gradually revealed.
The play describes the disposition of people who abruptly move from a situation of control and comfort to one of privation and dependency, and poses a question regarding the ethical boundaries created by the new existential situation.

The characters

Female: 3 Male: 1 Total: 4

Lidia – 58, a wealthy Jewish woman, Albert’s mother
Paula – 47, Lidia’s sister
Albert – 30, Lidia’s son
Sonia 17 – a Christian village girl



1998 / 02 / 21 Habimah National Theatre director: Itzik Weingarten

More in Israel


Productions Abroad

Germany, Switzerland

Performed in Zurich, Switzerland 2000. Bonn, Germany 2006





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