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The Monthly Question

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Lama Theater Company (NYC) and the Playwrights Project (Israel) presents: The Monthly Swap What is the Monthly Swap? Well it is very similar to Lama Theater Company’s Monthly Question but with a TWIST… Throughout the month of September we are going to ask the same question in New York and in Tel Aviv, and receive… Read more

“The Playerights Project” – opening night

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  ‘The Playwrights’  is a unique theatrical event, Produced by The Israeli Drama Development Fund, aimed to enable young, original and innovative theater productions. In every event, four new short plays (up to 20 minutes each) are being debuted. The four plays, by four Israeli playwrights, are based on one common subject, elected by the… Read more

14/48 the world’s quickest theater project

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17-18/12 14/48  the  “world’s quickest theater project”  is a speed theatre that takes place in Tel Aviv, at tzavta theatre. The project started in seattle, Wasington. in 1997 The name of the festival derives from the unique format of creating and presenting 14 world-premiere short plays over the course of two days, or 48 hours…. Read more

7 new plays will take part in “Starting Point 2”

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7 new plays will take part in “Starting Point 2”  program, operated by the Israeli drama Development Fund.  The program provides financial and professional support for playwrights during the writing process. Members of the “Starting Point 2” artistic aommittee Yigael Sachs Gilad Evron Ravid Davara Mor Frank Ira Avneri Israeli drama Development Fund was established in 2012 at the… Read more

Isra-Drama events on December 2014

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Isra-Drama 2014 will be held on December; the International Exposure for Israeli Theatre will be held during 2015 Isra-Drama: Spotlight on Israeli Drama will be held on December. The International Exposure for Israeli Theatre will be held on 2015. A committee appointed by the Culture Administration of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, has decided… Read more

International Acclaim for Anat Gov’s Plays

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Anat Gov’s plays are produced worldwide and have gained international recognition and acclaim. With the exception of a production of Best Friends, which was staged in China in 2010, and a production of Oh God in Argentina in 2009, the majority of her plays are from more recent years. Oh God was staged in Italy… Read more

Media Coverage of Requiem Play in Beijing

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Israeli classic drama Requiem performs third time in Beijing The drama Requiem, which is played by Israeli Cameri Theatre, comes to China for the third time. Requiem was first performed in China in 2004, and second in 2006, which made stir among audience. It comes to China again this year as it is the 20th… Read more

“יוליסס על בקבוקים” נרכש ויוצג בגרמניה

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מחזהו של גלעד עברון “יוליסס על בקבוקים”, שזכה בפרס האקדמיה הישראלית לתיאטרון, יוצג בבוואריה לצד עיבוד לגרמנית של המחזה “בטווח יריקה”, שעלה בבכורה בתיאטרונטו ראו כתבתה של מרב יודילוביץ’ ב-YNET