Media Coverage of Requiem Play in Beijing

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The drama Requiem, which is played by Israeli Cameri Theatre, comes to China for the third time. Requiem was first performed in China in 2004, and second in 2006, which made stir among audience. It comes to China again this year as it is the 20th anniversary of the Sino-Israeli diplomatic relations. (


As the Sino-Israeli relations enter into the 20th years, Israeli Cameri Theatre comes to Beijing to perform Requiem for the third time.

In the 90 minutes’ play, ancient and legendary Hebrew brought the audience into the deep side of Israel’s national spirit. (China News Agency)

Israeli Cameri Theatre’s Requiem comes to Beijing for the third time as the Sino-Israeli relations entering the 20th year.

It is a play making people cry, rethink and want to struggle and make changes. (Beijing Daily)

Sino-Israeli drama exchange night–Hanoch Levin’s classics reading was held in the embassy of Israel in Beijing on August 12.

“Cameri Theatre’s China visit is the bright spot activity in the celebrations in the 20th year of the Sino-Israeli relations. Culture diplomacy is an important route to unite the Israelis and Chinese. I believe that the two peoples will promote mutual understandings through drama,” Israeli Ambassador to China Amos Nadai said. (China Youth Daily)