Under the Skin

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Historical Play
Periodical Drama

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Tel Aviv, During the Gulf War. A young German journalist knocks on the door of a Holocaust survivor and questions her about a secret love affair that took place between a Nazi officer and a Jewish prisoner. Over one stormy night, the ghosts of the past, family secrets and questions of morality and love are rising.

One day during World War II, after her inmates were transferred to Bergen-Belsen, the Nazi officer Ilse kohlmann puts on prisoners uniform and voluntarily enters hell on earth in order to be close to her Jewish lover.

The characters

Female: 3 Male: 1 Total: 3

Actress 1:
Charlotte Brod – Jewish holocaust survivor living in Tel Aviv (66)
/ Ilse Kohlman (Bube) – Nazi commander in a women’s labor camp (30)

Actress 2:
Kirsten Eberhardt – Young German journalist (20)
/ Lotte Rosner – Young Charlotte, Ballet dancer, Prisoner in a labor camp (20)

Actress 3:
Ida Berman – Prisoner in a labor camp (20)


German, Italian, Russian



2013 The Cube LGBT Theater director: Rakefet Binyamin

More in Israel

Nominated Fringe play of the year 2016.

October 2015, Directed at Beit Tzvi Acting School by Debbie Yablonka.

December 2015, Performed at the MoldFest international theater festival in Moldova.

Productions Abroad

Austria, England

2017, London
Director: Ariella Eshed
Participated in Women and War Festival and selected as one of ten most interesting shows in Camden Fringe Festival.

2017, Arena Bar Theater, Vienna
Director: Bruno Kratochvil
Reading in German during Israel Stücke Aktuell Festival.


“Thanks to both the play and the sensitive direction of Rakefet
Binyamin, this show is worth mentioning for it’s exceptional quality and
it’s pretentious (fully fulfilled) promise, and to recommend it whole
heartedly” (Alice Blitental, The Marker)

“A fascinating show of a debut play by Yonatan Calderon, that deals with a unique story of the holocaust and finds the key to tell it in an original structure and style” (Tzvi Goren, Habama)

“The acting of the three actresses is precise and sensitive, and manages
to illustrate the mental stress of the characters” (Shay Bar Yaakov,

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