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Kigler His Life and Death ( Oded Liphshitz )

ז’אנר: Comic Drama, Drama

 Kigler, a frustrated and unhappy insurance salesman, is called to the deathbed of his younger, but always more successful brother John. Things go awry, though, because John not only recovers but takes his brother’s girl

Will the Two Walk Together ( A. B. Yehoshua )

ז’אנר: Drama, Historical Play, Periodical Drama

In 1934 a series of secret meetings was held in London between two bitter adversaries in the Zionist movement: from the Left, David Ben-Gurion, and from the Right, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the revered Revisionist movement leader. The aim of the meetings was reconciliation between the two rival movements, preventing the secession… קראו עוד