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A Last Night in Rome (A Last Night in Rome)

Genre: Drama , New Writing , Poetic Drama

On the last night of his family vacation in Italy, Yotam, an Israeli screenwriting student, meets Tony, a starry eyed Italian painter. Their night together wandering through Rome’s magical alleyways blossoms into a long distance relationship. As their relationship deepens, the distance between Rome and Tel Aviv begins to take its toll, and they are… Read more

Made He a Woman (Yonatan Calderon)

Genre: Comic Drama , Drama

The play is based on the autobiography of Efrat Tilma, one of the first transgendered women in Israel. Efrat has been volunteering for years as a policewoman in the Tel Aviv district police, but none of her coworkers know she was born in a male body. One night her best friend is arrested. The charged… Read more

Passing the Love of Women (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama

 A play inspired by “Two” a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer (written in collaboration with Israel Zamir) about two yeshiva students in 19th century Poland who discover that they are homosexual. They run away from their town and find refuge in the big city of Lublin where they must live as husband and wife.