Yonatan Levy

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 Born in 1974 in Montreal, Canada, Yonatan Levy studied Philosophy and comparative religion at the Hebrew University (2000). Yonatan’s artistic work unfolds over several practices: he is a playwright, a director, an actor, a poet and a publicist. Along that, he is also an educator and co-founder of the Shakked Waldorf Highschool in Tiv’on.

Yonatan’s poetic and dramatic texts are characterized by an extraordinary verbal talent and a unique style of language and syntax – inspired by mythic and ritual elements – which attempts to create magic effect on its addressees. Yonatan’s stage work includes experimental fringe theater productions and performances and co-creating performance and stage pieces with his adolescent pupils.
Among his works premiered at the Acco fringe festival are “Saddam Hussein” – awarded Best Play, Best Music and Mayor’s Award for second Best Performance (2011); Solo Spoken-Word performance “The Israeli Phoenix: Messianic Poetry Epic” (2009); “Mr. Universe” (2007); “Manu, king of Atlantis – awarded Promising Artist and later on awarded Best Play and Best Interdisciplinary Work by Israeli Fringe Association (“Golden Porcupine” competition) (2004). Yonatan has also created the “Pedagogical Trilogy” premiered in the Jerusalem Season of Culture in the years 2012-2013, including: “Principal Clarification”, “Mayheim in Ghetto” and “Alongside the Lesson”. Among other works of Yonatan are the initiative “Good Energies”, a verbatim staging of Israeli parliament economics committee protocol (2011), and “Malkitaus and the Bulldozer” at the Harduf’s Anthroposophist High school (2009).


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