Yinon Bar Shira Playwright and Musician

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born on 06/24/1986 and Raised in Rakefet community in the Galilee. After studying theater in high school, he studied at 2010-2011, “The writing drama school ” at 2011-2014 he studied in “Rimon school Jazz and contemporary music.” He combines the arts of theater and music for all of his life. His plays run at “Hasimta Theater” and across the country.
Wrote the Plays –
– What’s wrong With You (2011) ), Edward’s Secrets, (2013 Trip (2014), Smoke On The Water (2015)

In addition to composing music for-“No Name No Child” , Trip, “Edward’s Secrets”, “Drizzle”, and ”For What?”



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What’s wrong With You (2011) 
Edward’s Secrets, (2013)

 Trip (2014)
Smoke On The Water (2015)