Orit Gal Lichtenstadt actrotand a playwright

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Nissan Nativ – acting studio graduate, Law School Graduate ( Hebrew University) and

Art therapy and psychodrama Master, Kibbutzim College (M.A.A.T.)


Plays are not catalogued yet

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

“Ahi Tov”, Aspaklaria Theatre (2019)

“Yossele Zamir” – a musical based on the novel “Yossele Solovey” by Shalom Aleichem, Aspaklaria Theatre (2019)

“Eleven Embryos”, Hebrew University (2018)

“Shivrei Luchot”, Aspaklaria theatre (2018)

“Falling out of time (Aus der Zeit fallen)” – an adaptation of the book Falling out of time by David Grossman, Krefeld Theater, Germany (2018)

“Solvieg” – Inspired by the play Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen. Emunah College of Arts (2017)

Shlom O’Lamim – Inspired by a short story by S. Y. Agnon, Aspaklaria Theatre (2017)

“Out at sea” – Adaptation of a play By Sławomir Mrożek , Aspaklaria Theatre (2016)

“Slaughterhouse Five” – A Psychedelic Musical Inspired by the novel Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Acco – the international Fringe Theater Festival (2015) Incubator theater 2016

“Shraga for Hanukka” – BEIT AVI CHAI, a Jewish cultural hub in Jerusalem (2015)

“War at Three” – co-writing with the playwright Eli Haviv, Incubator Theatre (2009)