Oren Neeman

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Born 1963 in Kibbutz Beit-Zera, Israel. After his Military Service at the IDF Theatre, Oren studied drama at Nissan Nativ’s Studio in Tel Aviv and at the Royal Court Theater in London. His plays have been produced at the leading theaters in Israel, including The Habima National Theater, the esteemed Gesher Theater, Haifa Theater, Beit Lessin, and The Jerusalem Khan Theater. His prize winning play “Conviction” was adapted by the Victory Gardens Theater of Chicago, and presented at the Off-Broadway 59E59 Theater.

His writing for the screen includes dozens of scripts for the IBA and Channel 2, among them “White Dance” – Independence day’s central show, Entertainment programs, and specials.
Oren also wrote lyrics for leading Israeli singers including Rami Kleinstein, Aracadi Duchin, and David D’or.
Prizes and awards:
2006 Galilee. Milstein Productions. Best comedy nominee at the ITA – Israeli Theater Awards.
1999 Sea – Le Barrufe Chiozsotte. Gesher Theater. 3 ITA nominations including best adaptation for Oren Neeman.
1996 A Jew in the dark. Habima. Winner of the TheatreNetto Festival Award.
1996 Signed as Resident Playwright at Habima National Theater and received a Scholarship to attend the Royal Court theater’s international playwrights Workshop.
1993 Naamah and the wind. The Kibbutz Theater. Awarded Most Beloved Show at the Haifa Theater Festival.

1969 – 1974 – Local school, Kibbutz Beit-Zera.
1974 – 1977 – Edron Academy, Mexico City.
1977 – 1982 – Bikaat Kinnarot Educational institution, Kibbutz Beit-Zera.
1986 – 1989 Nissan Nativ’s Drama Studio, Tel Aviv. Graduate Degree.
1996 – The Royal Court Theater’s international playwrights Workshop. Graduate Degree.


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2014 S2 Project. Ensemble Can. Tel Aviv.Director: Shlomo Plesner.
2007 Bialik. Director: Udi Ben Moshe. The Khan Theater, Jerusalem.
2006 Elections Cabaret. Director Yuval Zamir. Israel Opera.
2006 Galilee. A comedy. Director: Ofer Shafrir. Milstein Productions.
2005 Rashomon – An adaptation. Director: Rafi Niv. Yoram Levinstein Studio.
2004 Mollierre. Writer/Director: Oren Neeman. The Khan Theater. Jerusalem.
2002 A Treasure of Words. Director Hannoch Reim. Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth
2000 Sun and Moon – A legend. Director: Lenna Kreinndlin. Gesher Theater’s Youth Program.
1999 Sea – An adaptation of Goldoni’s Barrufe Chiozsotte. Director: Yevgeni Arieh. Gesher T’.
1998 Protected space – An adaptation of “Chimps” by Simon Block. Director: Sinay Peter. Haifa Theater.
1997 Providence – Jean Genet. Director: Oren Neeman. Beit Zvi Drama School.
1996 City – A Musical. Songs Lyrics. Director: Yevgeni Arieh. Gesher Theater.
1996 A Jew in the dark. Director: Shmuel Vilozney. Habima National Theater. “Conviction”, an adaptetion by the Victory Gardens Theater of Chicago was presented at the Off-Broadway 59E59 Theater in 2010.
1994 Scams of Scapin by Mollierre – An adaptation. Director: Roni Pinkovitz. . Habima National Theater.
1994 How about Simha Yehezkiel? Director: Daniella Michaeli. Beit Lessin Theater.
1993 Naamah and the wind. Director Michal Goldberg. The Kibbutz Theater
1992 Flies on vacation. . Director: Oren Neeman. Tel-Aviv Museum Theater.
1991 Key of the Heart. Director: Oren Neeman. Khan Theater, Jerusalem, Mediatheque. Translated into English abd Arabic and produced at the Hebrew-Arabic Theater in Jaffa. Director: Norman Issah. Published as a book by Am-Oved publishers, 1995.