Roni Ninio playwrite, director

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 Film, television and theatre director.

 Directed theatre productions in most of the major
theatres in Israel, among them “The Hastening of the End” at the Chan
Theatre, “Ad Lo Yada” at the Kameri Theatre, “Rainman” at Beit-Lessin
Theatre, “Fucked up” at Chaifa Theatre,  and “Arton” at the Habima National Theatre.

 Directed 3 feature films: “The Quarry”, “Auditions”
and recently wrote and directed “There Were Nights” (Shanghai Film
Festival, Best Actress and Critics Awards- Chaifa Film Festival, Nominated for
8 Ophir awards, including Best Film and Best Director.

He was co-creator and director of  numerous TV dramas, among them the
series:   “Arab Labour” (Chaifa Film Festival, Jerusalem Film
Festival-Best Drama, Accolade competition-Best Drama series-Los Angeles), “A
Touch Away” (Chaifa Film Festival- Best Drama, Israeli Academy Award- including
best director & best drama series) and “Catching the Sky” (Israeli Academy

Artistic director of The Akko Fringe Theatre Festival

Head drama at Keshet TV broadcasting- Ch. 2


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 Tales of Akavia

A Little Drama