Netta Gelfman Givton Theatre lighting designer, artist, writer

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Born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Graduated from Tel Aviv University’s faculty of Arts and specialized in Lighting Design for the theatre.

Ms Gelfman Givton taught lighting design at Tel Aviv University’s Theatre Department and at the Jerusalem School of Visual Theatre.

Apart from designing lighting for theatre and dance, Ms Gelfman Givton developed a unique and personal interdisciplinary creation that combined music, light and stage design (without actors or dancers): “Music-Light-Space” [Tel Aviv University, 1981]; “Light Paces” [the Israel Festival, Jerusalem, 1984].

Ms Gelfman Givton writes plays and short stories. Her plays that have been staged include “Westwoods”, adapted for the stage from Eleanor Farjeon’s story (which she also designed and produced), at the Haifa Children’s Theatre Festival in 1998; “Kensuke’s Kingdom”, adapted for the stage from the book by Michael Morpurgo, at the Orna Porat Children’s Theatre (2004); “Nora Krieger”, inspired by Lea Goldberg’s novel “There Comes the Light”, at the Beit Lessin Theatre, for which she received an award at the Opening Stage Festival in 2006.



Plays are not catalogued yet

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

A Place – an original monodrama
Number the Stars – an adaptation of Lois Lowry’s novel
Kensuke’s Kingdom – an adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel
Westwoods – an adaptation of Eleanor Farjeon’s story
Nora Krieger – inspired by Lea Goldberg’s novel “There Comes the Light”
Nave Sha’anan – an original play
Weighting Anchor – an original play
Waifs – an original play