Merin Haim

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Merin Haim Playwrite and a screenplay writer

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Merin Was born in Ramat-Gan to a family of Holaucust survivers. Graduated from “Blich” highschool. As a soldier, participated in the Six –Day war and the War of Aattrition. Holds a BA in History from the Hebrew Uiniversity in Jerusalem. Was a producer in a community theater founded by Helen Kaunt Houson. During the Yom Kippur war, Merin fought along with the paratroopers brigade in Ramat ha’golan. After his release from the army worked as a gardner, a night guard, and also studied in the Department of Cinema in Tel Aviv University. In 1975 joined the police force, and began writing plays and screenplays. His first play, “Bunker” was presented at Ha’bimma national therater. Was nominated “playwrite of the year” for his play “Soragim” (Behind Bars), which was presented for three years in a row in Haifa theater. His play “In the Forest” (directed by: Micky Gurevitch) won the Ako festival prize. His plays “A Man and a Woman” and “My Jubilee” (directed by: Malka Merin) were also presented at the festival. Won the Israeli academy award for the screenplay for his firs film: “Big Shot”. His plays :”Under Investigation”, “The Tales of Max and Moris” and “Married Life” were presented at Haifa theater.
In 1993 won the Israeli Academy script award for the film: “Overseas”. In 2000 won the Jerusalem film festival script award for the film: “Under Investigation”. During 2010-2007 wrote the TV drama “Jeruslem Mixed-Grill” which won the Israeli television award.
His plays “My Jubilee”, “Bus no. 92” and “Happy Birthday” were presented in the Israeli fringe theater.
Was a member at the playwriters gilde, the screenplay writers gilde and Tali organization. Currently serves as a member at the Israeli academy of cinema, writes plays and screenplays, serves as an editor and teaches creative writing for theater and cinema.



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* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

2012 -Bus no.92-
2010 Happy Birthday
2007  Police Station
2006  The Dentist
1998  My Jubilee
1998  The Jenny in The Bottle
1994  Yehudit
1989  Married Life
1988  The adventures of Max & Moris
1987  The investigation must go on
1985  Lonliness
1984  A Man and A Woman
1983  Bunker
1981 In The Woods
1979  Bars


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