Inna Eizenberg

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Inna Eizenberg Playwright, translator and dramaturge

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Inna Eizenberg is an  Israeli playwright, translator and dramaturge with over seven years of production and tutoring experience at several theatres and drama schools in Israel. Experienced in writing, editing and translating prose, academic text and dialog. Has a proven record of training and teaching students and young directors and writers. An independent writer and theatre maker and a freelance book and theatre reviewer.


My Book of Faces Comic Drama Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, History, Human Soul, Love, Philosophy, Politics and Government, Relationships, War, Youth | 2013 he | en   
Free People Fantasy Subject: Family, History, Love, Politics and Government, Violence | 2011 he   

* Temporary display of non-catalogued plays

My Book of Faces

Free People

A Party of Friends

Master and Margo (After “Master and Margarita” by Michail Bulgakov)

Love for rent          (After “Rent” by Jonathan Larson)

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