Guy Baumhaker Actor, playwright, and stage fight designer

Contact: eMail 050-9495544

Born and raised in the city of Ariel. In high school, he studied movies in the HaKfar Hayarok.

Served in the Military as a fighter in the Kharuv Regiment.

After military service in 2013 – began studying acting with Anat Barzilai. And participated in various courses such as

  • Acting studies in front of the camera with Einat Weizman and Galit Eshkol
  • The Chebak method
  • and the Laban method.

After graduation he starred in various plays:

  • Listerta 2000. Robinson Crusoe.
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
  • The suitcases.

While specializing in acting management and assistant director in many productions at the various theaters.

In 2018 he wrote the action drama “Jazz on the Belgian Line” which was staged in 2019 in Tzavta theater. And played the lead role. This play won the Best First Play award at the 2019 Debut Festival.

In 2018 he wrote the plays “Distinguished for Public Inquiries”, and “The Good Cop the Bad and the Normal one” which came up as part of the 14/48 Festival.

In 2021 – wrote the show “Fictive” – a telephone thriller that airs on the Spotify platform.

In 2021 – he wrote the comedy play “The Exchange” which came up as part of a short theater festival in Tzavta theater.

In 2021 – he wrote the long action play “Imi Gangs” which came up with a staged reading at a festival here in the Cameri under the direction of Gur Koren.

In 2022 – he wrote the play “The Battle of Lider” which came on stage as part of a brand-new festival under the artistic direction of Roey Malih Reshef.


avia winter Short Play Subject: Career | he  
The Evil Apprentice of Master Yog Short Play Subject: Stupidity | he  
Enemies zon friends A-genre, Comedy, Experimental Theatre Subject: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Violence, War | he  
fictive Short Play, Thriller-Horror Subject: Crime | he  
pnina Short Play, Sketches Subject: Humor, Love | he  
provo-batel Black Comedy Subject: Career, Humor, Vengeance | he  
provo-batel A-genre, Black Comedy, Drama Subject: Career, Humor, Music, Struggle, Vengeance | he  
You will not be a man Drama, Short Play Subject: Love, Violence, Relationships, Feminism | he  
The Battle of Lider Drama, Short Play Subject: Relationships |   
“ג’אז בקו הבלגי” A-genre, Drama Subject: Army, Human Soul, Suicidality, Violence | he  
“הנזקים של נרון” A-genre, Experimental Theatre, Psychological Drama Subject: Career, Relationships, Struggle, Violence | he  
“החילוף” Comedy, Short Play, Sketches Subject: Humor | he  
“דייט ראשון, תעמוד למבחן” Comedy, Short Play Subject: Humor, Love, Relationships | he  
“ממשלת כוח ראובן” A-genre, Black Comedy Subject: Humor, Stupidity | he  
“תודי שזאת את” Comedy, Short Play Subject: Humor, Love, Relationships | he