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Boaz Gaon is a playwright, journalist, screenwriter and activist. His plays have been produced in Israel and the US to wide acclaim, including “The Return to Haifa”, “Boged – an Enemy of the People”, “Argentina”, “Prime Time”, and “The Israeli Family”. Boaz is also the author of “Where America Ends”, a memoir about his two years in America (2004-2006) as a correspondent for the Israeli newspaper “Ma’ariv”, covering New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the capital punishment capital of the US in Huntsville Texas, and the base of American soldiers “rehearsing” for their forthcoming campaign in Iraq in the hills of San Diego.

In addition, Boaz has written screenplays for all major Israeli broadcasters.

During 2010-2012, Boaz played a major role in the Israeli Social Protest, forming two grass root organization dedicated to political change: The Rubinger Forum, a hub for social action and progressive activism, and Beit Ha’am (“Better Israel”), a 5 story building at the heart of Rotchild Avenue, which served as the HQ for Israeli social protest initiatives. 

Boaz is the proud father of two, Yonatan and Sheira, and insists on believing that their lives in Israel and the Middle East can and should be – better than his own.

In the Fall of  2014, Boaz won a Fulbright scholarship to attend the Iowa Writers Workshop, where he participated in the International Writers Program (IWP).

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