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This is the Land” is a scripted, fictitious, directed festival, which wishes to pose a response to the Zionist Creation award Initiated by the Minister of Culture in October 2011, its aim is to provide limitless artistic space to rethink and re-examine the concept of Zionism for those artists who were turned down by the ministry’s committee and for those that chose to boycott the award, claiming that the concept of Zionism is consumed with such political elements that mustn’t function as legitimate artistic criteria. 

The characters

Female: 2 Male: 1 Total: 3

Plan B of the festival centers around three artists:

Gali Sudanski – a fashion designer who presents her “Five W’s” collection, inspired by the discovery that her father had been a Mossad agent.
Ayala Opfer – an Experimental film artist that exposes her “work in process”: “The Performer is Sick”, a documentary film in which she follows her Holocaust survivor neighbor.
Regev Huberman – Musician/Sound artist from the Efrata settlement. Regev presents his work “The Acacia Tree”, through which he wishes to examine his own family tree and its connection to the Israeli army.



2012 Tmoona Theatre Production page



Master Class Award –2014 Radikal Jung Festival (Munich)

 Best stage language – 2013
Israeli Independent Theatre Awards.



“Sharp and cruel, a work which proves that
there is still a critical voice in Israeli theater”
(Suddeutschen Zeitung)





“Weiser is an expert in creating an

 (Abendzeitung Munchen)


“One of the political and critical shows
on the Israeli stage today”

 (Ha’aertz Newspaper)


“This work reaffirms Weiser’s status as
one of the more sophisticated, interesting dramatists of the past decade. His
manipulative, disturbing pieces force you to go back and ponder on them for a
long while after watching them, which is rare occurrence in our theatre these
Achronot Newspaper)

“Excellent cast! Weiser deserves high
praise for his interesting work, and his actors – for their great talent”
(City Mouse Magazine)


“A high-quality, poignant artistic
depiction of the miscarriage of the Israeli-Zionist dream”
(Habama website)


“Witty and Kicking” (Shamenet, Ha’aertz Newspaper)


“A brave piece of work by an artist who
keeps exploring the boundaries of the medium… Three brilliant actors”
(Time Out Magazine)


“Funny, poignant, satirical and
challenging, just like theater ought to be”.

(Time Out editorial – best cultural events of

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