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Biot Rishonot 


Playwright: Uri Nitzan

Email: [email protected]   phone: 972-54-7822392

Director: Amir Kliger

Email: [email protected]  Phone: 972-54-4454957



Full Play:

https://vimeo.com/296624959   (password: biot)


The original play “biot Rishonot” (“First Comings”) announced the arrival of a unique and moving voice to the Israeli stage. Uri Nitzan, a psychiatrist and playwright, wrote in an unusual language, rich in beauty and depth, a powerful play on the struggle of modern man for intimacy.  This play enables a rare and somewhat forbidden peek into the wedding night of Shlomi and Sarah, an Ultra-Orthodox couple, who cope with the horror of their first sexual encounter.  Nonetheless, this is merely a deceptive semblance; gradually, the play reveals a complex truth that brings the play closer to the audience’s world.

Shlomi and Sarah are, in fact a secular couple dealing with grave and painful difficulties in their intimacy and sexuality. Impersonating to an Ultra-Orthodox couple and attempting to stage their fantasized “ritual” of the “first coming”, is part of   Shlomi and Sahrah’s final attempt to come closer, rejuvenate their intimacy, and save their marriage

In many ways, claims the play, sexuality was destroyed after being exposed and transformed from private to public domain, and by that was emptied of the need to explore our way in the dark, experiment new revelations, excitements, thrills and fantasies. Dealing with sexuality in a delicate, exposed and unprecedented way, this play is setting in objective: to restore sexuality the intimacy and mystery that were lost.

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2018 Haifa Municipal Theatre
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