Mr. Cohen destiny quest

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Musical Comedy
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Politics and Government
The Land of Israel
Trial and Law

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After decades of endless war between the Brussers and Carcassians, both sides agreed to put their differences behind them and sit down to peace talks. Peace after which there will be no more war, eternal peace. During the talks it turns out that throughout the years the Carcassians have killed one more person and the Brusers insist on a comparison, otherwise there will be no peace agreement. The Carcassian government is holding a democratic lottery in which the citizen will be chosen who will give his life for the common good, for peace. At the center of the play is the character of Gedaliah Cohen, the man chosen to die for peace. Since Karkesia is a country that defends the values ​​of democracy, it was determined that only if Gadalia agrees of his free and democratic will to give his life, then he will be executed.

The characters

Female:3 Male:4 Total:7



2016 Tzavta , Negev Theater director: issy mimanov

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