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Kastner (Motti Lerner)

Genre: Drama , Historical Play

A political/historical drama about the tragic negotiations conducted by the Jewish community in Hungary during World War II with Adolph Eichmann, head of the Gestapo unit 4-B on rescuing the remains of European Jewry. Winner of “Play of The Year” award (1985) The play was published in English in the anthology “Israeli Holocaust Drama” edited by… Read more

The Banality of Love (Savyon Liebrecht)

Genre: Drama , Historical Play

The complex relationship between Hanna Arendt and Martin Heidegger, from their first encounter as student and teacher in 1924 to their meeting after the war in 1950. Their story raises ethical questions about how politics and philosophy relate to real life. In the background is the one-sided love affair between German Jews and the German… Read more