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Playwrights represented by the Institute of Israeli Drama:
Hanna Azulay-Hasfari
Yosef Bar-Yosef
Inna Eizenberg
Gilad Evron
Hadar Galron
Anat Gov
Oren Jacobi
Gur Koren
Amnon Levi and Rami Danon
Hanoch Levin
Edna Mazya
Hillel Mittelpunkt
Tzadok Tzemach

The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama (NPO)
The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama was founded in 2000 after the demise Hanoch Levin – playwright, author, poet and director – an outstanding artist, whose oeuvre stands as one of the basic foundations of Israeli cultural history. The Institute has set as its goal to promote Israeli drama and raise awareness of its crucial role in the formation of Israeli culture, both inIsrael and abroad.

The Institute, in cooperation with the Playwrights Union of Israel, operated in the following fields:

Translation of Contemporary Israeli Drama Enterprise, with the purpose of exposing Israeli drama and encouraging its staging in theatres throughout the world.  Ever since the Institute’s establishment, Israeli plays are staged in major theatres around the world including: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, England, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Cyprus, Estonia, Kenya, The Philippines, China, Serbia, Mexico and the United States of America.

Isra-Drama, Tel Aviv – Spotlight on Israeli Drama, Once a year, an event is

produced to expose Israeli Drama to the international theater community: festival directors, theater directors, stage directors, artistic directors, dramaturges, translators and journalists.

During one week in December, we present the best ofIsrael’s original playwriting on stages all over the country, with foreign languages surtitles. Our guests are invited to panels and discussions withIsrael’s leading theatre creators, and have the opportunity to meet and talk with our playwrights. Isra-Drama is produced with the collaboration and support of the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport – Culture Administration; Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Department of Culture and Science Relations; Municipality of Tel-Aviv Yafo; and The Tel-Aviv Yehoshua Rabinowitz Arts Foundation.

For further information please contact Shimrit Ron, Director at:

shimrit@cameri.co.il; shimrit.ron2@gmail.com; Tel: 972-3-6951188

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