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Thrill My Heart ( Hanoch Levin )

ז’אנר: Comedy

Saturday night is Judge Lamka’s regular assignation with his lover, Lalalala the singer, who as a result of a terrible corn on her foot cannot reach the low notes. When Lamka decides to visit his lover in the middle of the week, he is astounded to find a French suitor… קראו עוד

The Disabled ( Gur Koren )

ז’אנר: Comedy

The Jornos are a crime family whose cover is Vera’s bridal salon and whose thing is chock – large quantities of it and the destination is Macedonia, except that the first shipment has gone awry and the client is not pleased. A theater group of “special needs” people ranging from… קראו עוד

Kol Nidrei ( Joshua Sobol )

ז’אנר: Comedy, Satire

A comedy about orthodox young people that are struggling to free themselves of religion, and discover that freedom is not that easy to aquire.

The Orchard ( Yosef Bar-Yosef )

ז’אנר: Comedy, Drama

Ida, a Russian ballet teacher, steps into the beautiful orchard of Menashe Sirkman, an embittered widower. The orchard – full of fragrances and beauty – reminds her of romantic dreams she had long forgotten after her immigration to Israel. The delicate, unexpected love story between Ida and Menashe arouses the… קראו עוד