Rubi Kassus Theatre and Music Creator, Director, Actor, Singer

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Bachelor  degree, B.E.D with honors in theater, Kibbutzim Seminary
College, 2005
Master degree, M.A. with high honors in writing and comparative
literature, Haifa University, 2021
Graduate of playwriting studies at both Stage Workshops and Beit Lesin
Defense Forces military performance troupe graduate.

Haifa Theater:  Olives (Playwright and Director)

Holon Theater:An Apartment For Rent musical theater
performance with audience participation (Playwright and Director), "We
Went on a Trip " – A musical theatre performance (Playwright and
Director), Be a Child; – A performance of Alon Oleartchik songs
(Playwright, Director, Vocalist and Actor)
Mishkafim Theater: The Broken Heart ; Playwright and Musical
The Cameri Theater: Each and his Own Water – Playwright and


olives children, Monodrama Subject: Love, Parent-Child Relationship, Music | 2017