Nili Rogel

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Graduated with honors from Thelma Yellin Arts High School, 2000

Tararam Group (dance, drumming, rhythm), 2002-2003

Graduated from Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, 2007

Wrote and directed:  “the Spirit of the Place”, Habait Theater.

Won the Playwright of the Year Award at the Golden Hedgehog Ceremony for 2019 for writing the play  “the Spirit of the Place”.

wrote and plays in “It Must Be Love”, “Unfriend”

Even before the end of her studies, she joined the Khan Theater troupe.

Played in: “Othello”, “The fire raisers”,” My Sweet Husband and My Dear Wife”, “The marriage”, “The Successful”, “The Great Magic”,” Scapin”,  “New World Order”, “The Cherry Orchard, Twelfth Night (as Viola), Eaters,The game of Love and chance,

The Miser”, “Men”, “The Gypsies of Jaffa”, “the partition”, “Crows”, “a distant old song”, “a midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Napoleon Alive or Dead”.

Television: “Arab Work”, “When Heroes Fly”

Nili joined the Elad Theater – Eilat and the Arava (south of Israel) in September 2019 and keeps on playing there.

Plays in: “Romeo and Juliet” (as Juliet), “The Old Man and the Sea”, “Tideline”,



the Spirit of the Place Comic Drama Subject: Love, Humor, A Search | 2018 he