Ilan JS Hazan Actor, director, playwright

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Graduate of Beit-Zvi (1987).

Wrote, among other things: “I’ll Take this Madness Out” (Theatroneto 1992), “It’s War Outside” (Khan Theater 1995), “Children’s Games” (1997 Short Theater Festival), “The Journey Following the Blue Balloon”, “What a Story”,”Just Like That”(Self-productions for children and youth 1990-1995),”Oh, Medea!”,”Man Black, Woman White”,”The Unbelievable Story about Doody-No-Luck”,”Kill the Writer”, “Prisoner No. 16-40” (As part of a theater teaching at the Milah Institute 2000-2010), “The First King” (Mikro Theater 2016), “City of Heaven” (Mikro Theater 2018), “The Angels of Judith” (Mikro Theater 2020).