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Saturday night is Judge Lamka’s regular assignation with his lover, Lalalala the singer, who as a result of a terrible corn on her foot cannot reach the low notes. When Lamka decides to visit his lover in the middle of the week, he is astounded to find a French suitor there, who his lover explains away as being her pedicurist. She also explains away her other suitors – the Italian, Spaniard, Turk, Yugoslav and the Albanian – as an inhalant expert, pianist, accordionist, homeopath and physical fitness instructor. Lamka decides to take courses in each of these professions in order to remove his rivals. When his friend Pshoniak decides to abandon his tired wife, So-So, Lamka is convinced that he, too, covets the singer and challenges him to a duel.

But as the years pass and passions fade, their fighting spirit dissipates: Pshoniak goes back to his wife, Lalalala decides to travel overseas and Lamka continues waiting for her beneath her window with a fluttering heart:

The characters

Female:2 Male:10+ Total:12+


Israeli Theatre Award for Playwright of the Year 2007



2007 Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv director: Udi Ben Moshe
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Productions Abroad

Cyprus , Poland


2010 Poznan, Poland

2011 Nicosia, Cyprus

THOC’s Experimental Stage

Direction: Theodoros Nikolaides