The Heiress

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Comic Drama

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he English

Ofer, a television director of about 40, is married to a lawyer and has two children. After hid mother’s death he discovers that she has disinherited him and left her entire estate to his sister. There is no letter explaining her behavior. His relations with his mother were good and there is no reason for her ignoring his existence. Deeply wounded, Ofer decides to embark on a voyage in an attempt to discover what brought his mother to disown him. His younger sister, from a different father, is about to get married and to go to the United States to complete her neurosurgery internship.
She is uncooperative, and this angers Ofer and makes him feel that she is hiding something from him. At his wife’s suggestion he obtains an injunction against the will in order to prevent his sister from leaving the country. He gives his sister no peace until she gives him some answers. Following a horrific night he moves into his mother’s home. In a titanic struggle he reveals all the secrets and lies in which he lives.

The characters

Female:3 Male:2 Total:5



1997 Beit Lessin Theatre director: Ido Riklin

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