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Psychological Drama
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Human Soul

Text in:

he English

Tense and engaging psycho-drama about a fighter's post-trauma experience in an elite undercover unit. The play premiered in 2012 at the Tzavta Theater and was a great success. In 2015 it was published by Niv Books.
At the center of the play is Shlomi's character. when the IDF service ends, he decides to leave the country and move to Glasgow, Scotland. One day he meets an Israeli guy who lives on the street and is named Sheva (seven).
Shlomi invites Sheva to stay with him and from that moment begins a mask of events that
Undermines Shlomi's soul.


The characters

Female:1 Male:2 Total:3

List of Characters:

Shlomi – A successful salesman. A handsome, tough man that exudes great self-confidence.

Seven – A funny, charming nomad. Every action he takes will always be performed seven times. An avid fan of the local soccer team, Glasgow Celtic.



Glasgow, Scotland, the early 2000s.


The stage will inhabit two locations:

  • A sales stand at the mall
  • Shlomi’s living room.



English   A Note from the Translator: Translating this play from its original Hebrew to English presented quite a few unusual challenges – first, it integrates (as is often the case with everyday spoken Hebrew) words in both Arabic and English. Therefore, every word in Arabic is written phonetically and is immediately accompanied by its translation. At times, there's an additional comment as to how the word/phrase is used in everyday language. Second, a considerable part of the play's first scene was originally written in English, so that the characters start the play unaware that they're both, in fact, Hebrew speakers. When they finally realize they're both Israelis, they "switch to Hebrew" – but naturally, the text in this version remains in English. This requires an enhancement of the old 'suspension of disbelief' convention on the part of the reader/spectator.  So, thank you in advance.



2012 Tzavta director: Elad Sharabi
Production page


Shlomi: It was an accident… I panicked. A noise came from the room, I saw someone looking at me and I offed him Seven: Offed him? You shot him seven times; there was nothing left of him! Shlomi: I was sure he was coming to take me down, it was self-defense! Seven: Self-defense? Shlomi: That's right! Seven: I see we're still playing games. Shlomi: Would you knock it off with your stupid games? Seven: What's the matter, 7243011? You too chicken to play? Shlomi: It was an accident!! Seven: That's great, now I can relax. Accident or no accident, you walked into that house when the kid was asleep, you forced his entire family out of the house, the kid startled and woke up and then you blasted through the door and sprayed seven bullets at him! Four to the face, two to the stomach and one to the heart! You took out a terrorist, made you feel like a real man, huh? Self-defense… You know exactly what you are, First Sergeant Ben-David! And now, if you really are a man, you'll set things right! Aren't you tired of all these games? This constant Charade? Acting like this super salesman abroad, you're a total phony! Smiling at people like everything's great, but those who know you, even a little, can tell straight away that you're dead inside. Because you're a murderer and you know that you deserve to die. So do the right thing! Shlomi grabs Seven, drags him to the door and throws him out. He locks the door behind him and goes back to the living room. Shlomi turns around and sees Seven standing in front of him. Seven: Be a man, Shlomi! Shlomi: (Startled) Leave me alone!!! Seven: Final game, Shlomi. Shlomi: Stay away from me. Seven: You scared?

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