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Politics and Government

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 A political drama about the scandal created by the Israeli intelligence services that hired an American Jew employed by the American navy to spy for Israel. The story is told from Pollard’s point of view in jail, and his wife’s point of view, tied to her bed, in a mental hospital in Israel.

The characters

Female:2 Male:6 Total:8

Jonathan Jay Pollard 32, A Jewish American working for U.S. Naval Intelligence.

Anne — 27, his girlfriend, later his wife.
Colonel Sela — 40, Israeli combat pilot, on leave, studying in the United States.
Rafi Eitan — 60, Chief of the Bureau of Scientific Relations in the Israel Prime Minister’s Office.
Joseph DiGenova — 45, Prosecutor at Pollard’s trial.
Sam Goldstein — 60, Anne’s uncle. A New York stock broker.
Other characters: A doctor, nurse, waiters, and security personnel



1995 Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv

Productions Abroad


 Teatron, Toronto, 2011

The script enclosed is a new version of the play written in 2011.

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