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Periodical Drama
Human Soul
Religion and Faith

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The surrealistic tragedy of St. Paul the Apostle (6AD – 67AD), an Ultra Orthodox Jew, employed at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, who tried to repair the world by creating a Universalist religion based on Jesus’ idea of redemption, and found
himself forced to separate from Judaism and to establish a new religion – Christianity.


The characters

Female:2 Male:10+ Total:12+

Paulus – A Jew born in Tarsus (48)

Hananiah – The High Priest in Jerusalem (48)

Jesus – A Jew crucified by the Romans after declaring himself the Messiah (62)

Nero – The emperor of Rome (21)

Trophimos – Paulus’ servant (40)

Adima – Paulus’ divorced wife (44)

Eleazar – Paulus’ nephew (32)

Lysias – A Roman centurion in Jerusalem (35)

Felix – The Roman procurator in Caesarea (40)

Drusilla – Felix’s wife, the daughter of King Agrippa I (35)

Also, prison guards, soldiers, officers, beggars, praying women, masked killers, and others. More than one role can be played by the same actor. 





2013 director: James McDermott

More in Israel

"Paulus" premiered at Silk Road Rising Theatre in Chicago in November 2013, produced by Jamil Khoury and Malik Gilani, 

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