Pangs of the Messiah

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Arab-Israeli Conflict
Politics and Government
Religion and Faith
Settlement in Israel

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A political drama about the right-wing settlers in the
West Bank who oppose the peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinian
Authority and blow up the holy mosques in Jerusalem to sabotage it.


The characters

Female:3 Male:5 Total:8

Rabbi Shmuel Berger: Leader of the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, 55
Amalia: His wife, 50
Menachem: Secretary of the settlement, 50
Avner: Shmuel and Amalia’s eldest son, 30
Tirtzah: Avner’s wife, 28
Nadav: Shmuel and Amalia’s younger son, 22
Chava: Shmuel and Amalia’s daughter, 25
Benny: Chava’s husband and Menachem’s son, 30



1987 Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv

More in Israel

תיאטרון באר שבע - 2013

Productions Abroad

United States

Theater J, Washington - 2007

Silk Road Rising, Chicago - 2009

Cleveland Playhouse, Cleveland - 2010

Alliance, Atlanta - 2011

Untitled Theater, New York - 2011

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