Mein Jerusalem

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 A Memorial ceremony commemorating the
professional and personal highpoints of a fictional German photographer on her
journey towards a sense of belonging, following her wish to experience the
“here and now”. It is a farewell tour of a woman who asked to leave
her past behind and move forward to a present, actual existence; to take risks,
to do the unexpected, to get directly involved in and with what surrounds her.


The characters

Female:1 Male:0 Total:1





  The Critics' Choice Award of Radikal Jung Festival 2013 

Best Show and Best Director - 2012 Independent Theatre Awards


"An amazing falsehood, a brilliant and accurate metaphor in high artistic quality"
(Suddeutschen Zeitung)


"Reflective journey through time and space, bringing to the surface surprising points of correlation between Israeli and German perspectives"     (Theater Heute Magazine)


"Outstanding Performance!"

(The Critics' Choice Award of Radikal Jung Festival 2013)



(Phileleftheros newspaper – Cyprus) 


"With enormous sophistication; enough care, enough preparation, enough daring any lie can become truth"

(Jerusalem Post – Israel)


"One of the most fascinating and important achievements of Israeli stage, Do not miss!"

(Habama website - Israel)

"One of the smartest, most original works of art seen recently on our stages"
(Yediot Achronot newspaper - Israel)

"Deceptive and unprecedented artistic event partly due to the coherence and integrity it produces while crossing and mixing genres"
(Y-net - Israel)

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