king Baboobebo fighting dullness

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A Circus Spectacle
Poetic Drama
Puppet Theatre

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The baboon kingdom is so dull that all the subjects of the kingdom are already getting bored with boredom and the baboon king is afraid of being removed from the throne. He invents weird games and laws to relieve the boredom of the people and when that doesn't work he declares war on his best friend, the King of Orangutan.
The years pass, the war is already routine, between the two kingdoms a great hatred and no one can remember how it all began and why.


The characters

Female:2 Male:10+ Total:12+
The boy Nadav
Grandfather John
The Baboon King - BABOOBEBO
The Baboon Queen- NAGANAGA
The orangutan King - RAGOOTEGO
The Baboon Princess - BANGANGA
The Orangutan prince - RANOONEGO
The Council of Poets
Young baboon
delivery baboon



Not performed yet

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