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The characters

Female:3 Male:2 Other:3 Total:8

*The narrator -a 27 year-old woman living in 2020.
*Harais – a durable, beautiful and desirable 30-year-old man, grew up in Djerba. Head of a community in Gabes.
*Yvette – the Rais’s wife, a 27-year-old woman, with a slim build. Lives in Gabes.

*Orani – the brother of the Rais, 25 years old,  manager of the Rais household  and lives with him, grew up in Djerba.
*Diamante – Yvette’s maid, 25 years old. Full body build. Lives in Gabes.
*3 band members. References to the band:
The band’s role is to be good morals – they side with the heroine: Yvette’s character.
During the time of the monarchy, the role of the musicians and players was to be the king’s servants and play in his palace.
Another reference is the Greek chorus whose role is to mediate for the audience what is happening and to be the voice of conscience.



2020 Habimah National Theatre , Jaffa Theatre- Arab Hebrew Theatre director: Daniel bukris liberman

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The show deals with various topics, including the ideal of female beauty, body image and self-image, acceptance of the other in society, the culture of Islamic countries and the importance of connecting to the roots.
The play premiered at the Women’s Festival at the Jaffa Theater, later at the Neve Tzedek Theater and is currently being performed at the Hiba Theater/
Attached is a link with an explanation of the performance from a fashion show that we held inspired by the show, with the aim of raising awareness of a positive body image


From those plays whose appreciation stems from the courage and ability to speak about issues critical to society, all the heart and blood of the director stand in the spotlight" "Charisma is abundant, just look at the entrance of the characters from the plot of 'The Rais' and you will immediately feel the click" (from a review by Or Paz FILM CASTLE Link to Dodi Tel TLV TIMES review https://tlvtimes.co.il/%d7%aa%d7%a8%d7%91%d7%95%d7%aa/%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%90%d7%99%d7% a1-%d7%92%d7%a8%d7%a1%d7%aa-2021/


"Your leg's won't swell if you keep walking" "There is nothing to grasp, to cuddle in the warmth of a loving and wide body...why is she so thin?!" "Dirty, Biafra, you're all skin and bones" "Your insolence is found in all your organs... abounding in them" "A woman whose whole desire was to satisfy you, to try to change and rebel in her body to the point of suffering. There will be something for you to grasp" "He must be cheating on her, how can you be attracted to a woman who is so..." "I'm not welcome, but why do I want to eat?" "The fat doesn't expand, it doesn't whiten satisfactorily. My face isn't swollen and hot, I can't do it and I need your help"