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Short Play
Parent-Child Relationship

Text in:

he English

A short play by Raanan Paz
Translated by Natalie Fainstein
All rights reserved to the playwright Raanan Paz ©
Contact info:
[email protected]

The play ‘Blissful’ was written for 14/48 festival – the fastest theater project in the world, which took place at the Tzavta Theater in December 2013.

About the festival: seven playwrights, seven directors, and 26 actors come together for 48 hours to put on two events, each showcasing the world premiere of 7 new 10-minute plays, written within a few hours of kickoff.
The play was written during the course of one night, inspired by the title chosen by the audience: “Life moves pretty fast, leave your mark”.

The characters

Female:2 Male:2 Total:4

List of Characters:

Motti – A junior employee at a big hi-tech company

Noga – Motti’s girlfriend, a secretary in a big law firm

Tzachi – Motti’s army buddy, a career-motivated businessman

Nurit – Tzachi’s life partner, a housewife






2013 Tzavta director: Daphna silberg


Tzachi: What do you need a kid for? Motti: I don't know… Kids are endless love, they give life meaning. Tzachi: Meaning for who? Motti: For me, I mean us… For Noga and me. Tzachi: Precisely. You're bringing a small, helpless creature into the world to fill the void you're feeling living in this rotten world… If you truly love it, why would you do that to it? Nurit: Ok, let's talk about something else. Tzachi: No, no. This is important. Why have a kid? So you have someone to take care of you when you're old? Noga: It's way more than that and I guess you wouldn't get it because you're so obtuse. Tzachi: So, tell me, what more is there? Noga: Kids mean getting out of your own bubble… It's looking after someone other than yourself… To take care… To give… Tzachi: If you really want to give, adopt a dog…

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